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Virtual Lawyer

The increased costs of legal services continue to exceed inflation meaning many businesses are faced with the choice between only instructing a lawyer when forced to do so, usually because a disaster has made it unavoidable, or just hoping for the best, perhaps expecting accounts staff to provide adequate legal advice alongside their other duties. With Guy Thompson,businesses have another option – an in house lawyer when you need it but without the expense of addition to the headcount or other overheads involving employing a professional in house lawyer when you don’t need to.

When he became the first in house lawyer at the company then called Telerate (Europe/Gulf) Limited Guy Thompson realised a lawyer is a cost to the business that has to be justified by the commercial advantages it gives. Now you can have all the advantages of an in house lawyer at a limited cost. From the start of his independent practice Guy Thompson has acted as a virtual in house lawyer at MoneylineTelerate, AFX News (now part of Thomson Reuters), company secretary at Logicscope Limited (now owned by MarkitSERVE), and as a non-executive director of ePulse Limited, a post he still holds. In all these positions, which lasted at least six months, and sometimes much longer, Guy Thompson has been able to provide readily available legal advice and support on a cost effective way.

Whether his client was reorganising its share holding and stock options prior to applying for venture capital funding, preparing for an acquisition or even dealing with insolvency practitioners using Guy Thompson to provide virtual in house lawyer services provides you with the chance of legal support at a very cost effective way. Some of our clients have even asked him to protect their trademark across all the member states of the European Union. Thanks to the use of European Trade Marks he has been able to register for their business trademarks across all 27 member states of the European Union.

Although the costs are reduced you will be hiring a real person. Some virtual law firms operate by connecting several unnamed solicitors together via a central hub so their clients never actually meet the people doing the work on their behalf. If you like the idea of having legal services available to your businessĀ for as long as you retain Guy Thompson as a virtual lawyer contact us today.