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Software Development Agreements

We deal with all types of agreement for the development and licensing of computer software applications. We  have prepared contracts for large and small software houses for the creation of software for a range of purposes from software for the financial markets for data handling and instant messaging to a booking system  used by restaurants om London’s West End.

Whether you want to commission software for you own use, or are a software developer wanted to  protect your rights, we will be able to protect you. Bespoke software often depends on the supplier using  some core software components he has already developed of licensed, so we often have to protect the interests of both the purchaser and the developer. The customer wants to be sure  he will be getting the unique software product he has paid good money for, while the developer will normally need the right to create new products using at least dome of the same components. After discussions with the parties we will be able to prepare an agreement to protect the interests of both the developer or owner and the user of customer.