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Data Licensing

We are living in the information age thanks to the unique combination of super fast computer processing power and communications networks. One of the main beneficiaries  of the information revolution was the global financial market during the decades after the 1980s. Although the bull market came to a grinding crash in 2008 the knowledge we gained preparing contracts for the creation and licensing of data and the special experience in licensing information for trading financial instruments is still very useful today, and not only in the financial markets, but everywhere that owners of valuable knowledge or technology want to license their content in whatever form.

At Dow Jones Telerate and Bridge Information Guy Thompson negotiated with clients amongst all the world’s finance houses and banks, and prepared information supply contracts for the core products and optional services of these global data providers. Not only data vendors but finance house, banks, brokers and industry bodies such as the British Bankers Association, the Wholesale Money Brokers’ Association and the London Energy Brokers Association are all involved in collating and marketing financial data for their members and the market at large.

If you need a contract for marked data  prepared or reviewed please contact us Рwe will be able to help.