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Commercial Property

We have dealt with leases of a vast range of commercial property in London. We advised on the first tenancy of ground-breaking developments at 10 Fleet Place in the City of London  and Exchange Tower in London Docklands. More recently we  have handled property sharing agreements and tenancies at some of the best known districts of London  – in Broadgate and Covent Garden. We always carry on our philosophy of putting our client’s business needs at the centre of every project we undertake. Our wide business background means we take a different view to most property law firms. You will find our approach is  refreshingly different.

In the upheavals in the London property market since 1995 we have sometimes advised on leases transactions where either the tenant or the landlord were insolvent. In these cases the interests of the lender or other creditors have to be protected as well as those of the signatories to the commercial lease. Although these are not typical commercial property leases they are just one example of a lease that is more than a textbook commercial lease.

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